Weekly Photo Challenge: Framed



Yonezawa, Japan

Japan in general is amazingly beautiful.

This city of Yonezawa which I happened to visit on a JENESYS 2.0 scholarship program in May 2014.  Surprisingly, it was only my host family that took us to this beautiful Buddhist temple in the city.

Calm and quiet. Clean. Beautiful landscaped garden.



There is something about gates and entrances in Japanese culture. Even the pavement is clean and decorated with stories of Yonezawa festival.


IMG_5898  way to temple



People who have lost their child, place these small Buddha shaped dolls in the temple. Sad to see so many dolls, but it’s a part of Japanese culture.


s tu


And here is me and my friend with our host family.



Jenesys 2.0 is a really nice program to understand Japanese culture.