Hyderabad is one of the Nawabi places of India. One of the city of  palaces and royal places in India. I found it as one of the coolest tourist destinations with great food, old city architecture and the technology park equally.

Here is a short guide from my eyes.

How to go? 

Hyderabad is well connected by roads, railways and air. Whatever suits your budget. Being a IT hub the city has got international airport as well.

Best time to visit?

Throughout the year.

What to see?

The list is long! Yes! Hyderabad is one of the coolest tourist city especially if you are travelling with your family. Some tourist places I would like to highlight are-

  • Salar jung museum – One of the huge museums I’ve seen in India. It is one of the three national museums of India.
  • Chowmahalla Palace – It is the palace of Nizams of Hyderabad. Visit if you are interested in all the Nizam architecture.
  • Charminar – It is a structure in the heart of the old city. Literal translation means “Four Pillars”. Surrounded by old city market it is the face of the city.
  • Sudha Cars museum – This is one of the interesting places I’ve visited so far. Owned by Mr. K. Sudhakar who is also a Guinness world record holder. The museum consists of handmade cars of different shapes and sizes. Check here for the website.
  • Golconda fort – A typical Nizam fort but a nice place to visit. In the evening they have light show which makes it even more beautiful.
  • Ramoji film city – Please spare a complete day for this. This is actually a tour of film city and some are for entertainment. If you are lucky you may get to see some film shooting too. Fun place.
  • Snow world – One of the good and clean place. Experience snow and making snowman here! You will be provided with jackets and gumboots too. Of course the snow is artificial okay.
  • Hussain sagar lake – Big lake in the centre of the city which hosts a big Buddha statue in it. Lake is surrounded by parks and street food stalls. If you have free evening time don’t miss out a stroll out here.
  • Birla temple – Classic Birla temple built in marble. You can visit this place if you have not visited any Birla temple before.

So long list! Anything missed out?

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a city of Nawabs so you cannot, I repeat you CANNOT miss out on eating Hyderabadi Biryani.

Also  the city is famous for pearls. So don’t forget some pearls and precious stones shopping here.

Happy Journey!


Morachi Chincholi

If you are bored with day-to-day routine and want a change, and you are not even ready to spare your weekend travelling, then “Morachi Chincholi” is the place for you!

It is a small village around 45km from Pune with about 3000 peacocks.  Just a half day trip and you are close to nature dancing with the peacocks. They come so close to you that if you are lucky you might be able to feed them!

Also if have some more time to spare, 40km from Morachi Chincholi, there is a place called “Nighoj”. There you’ll find huge natural potholes. It’s a natural phenomenon which you cannot miss. On the way you’ll find loads of farms and 3-4 centuries old temples.

Here is a quick information:

Place: Morachi Chincholi & Nighoj

Distance from Pune: 45km for peacocks and 90km for Nighoj

How to go: By road.

Where to stay: There are lots of local people there who provide food and guidance for peacocks and any related information. You just need to book the place first.

It was beautiful to watch this national bird of India from such a short distance.

Bhigwan – Birdlife

What is so interesting about Bhigwan? Not many people would have even heard the name of this place. And that’s true. Bhigwan is nothing but a small village/town in Maharashtra, India. Having passed by this place hundreds of time I never new it was filled with such a beauty!

Bhigwan is based on the backwaters of Ujni dam, built on Bhima river. So whats a big deal about it, right? But those backwaters are a temperory home hundreds of migratory birds. As if those birds come to vacation over here all the way from Siberia!

Flamingos, Sea gull, Ibis, Stroke, Heron to name a few. Total treat for photographers. Have a look at few photographs that we managed to click.


Here is a quick guide to travel-

How to go?

  • Road is the best option

Best time to visit?

  • November to March would be the best season to visit. Birds start migrating here during Indian winter season.

Where exactly?

  • Just a 2 hrs journey from Pune City. Catch the route to Solapur from Pune


Gujarat – the state of kites


I happened to visit Gujarat during Sankranti festival. “Uttarayan” as they call it there. So here is my short blog for travellers who would like to explore Gujarat.
I’ll keep the information short and simple. So here it goes –

How to go-

The cities are well connected with road, rail and air. Roads are very good(no potholes) and wide.

Best time to visit –

Well you can visit Gujarat anytime, but I would suggest from mid december to march would be the best as they host the “Rann Utsav” at The Great Rann of Kutch.
Places I visited –

  • Baroda
  • Ahemadabad
  • Kutch

What to see –

  • Baroda/Vadodara – I didn’t explore much of this city but here are few places.
    • Laxmi Vilas Palace – This is the MUST visit thing in Baroda. Entry fee is Rs.150/- which includes an audio guide. So just plug into your ears and see the palace. Most interesting thing is that this is the largest private residence in India built for only 2 people! If you are an art lover you will start crying in awe for its beauty.
    • Kamathi Baugh – You can skip this place because there is nothing unique as such. There is one museum and a small zoo type thing inside this park.
  • Kutch –
    • The great Rann of Kutch – If you love clicking photographs, then this place is a treat for you. Full moon makes the white rann turn into blue! The Rann Utsav, a tent city by Gujarat Tourism is the best part of it. This is the AMAZING city. And as they say here, “Kutch nahi dekha to kutch nahi dekha” (If you haven’t seen Kutch, you have seen nothing).
  • Ahemadabad – The city is closed during Sankranti! Yes. Closed. If you are visiting Ahemedabad during Sankranti, then all you have to do is just look in the sky all day, all night. It’s full of kites.
    • Kite festival – They have international kite festival during this period. Very interesting thing to watch.
    • Sabarmati Ashram – The ashram of Mahatma Gandhi. You follow Gandhiji’s ideologies or you do not follow, this place automatically makes you feel peaceful. Very calm and clean and peaceful place. MUST visit.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India is supposedly the best managed national park of India. It’s a total retreat for wildlife lovers.  Also the biggest reserve for “Tigers” in India. I would not forget to mention that people here are really sweet and very proud of the place “Kanha”.

So my travel blog about it goes like this.

How to go –

Since I was travelling from Maharashtra, I happened to find out 2 routes to go to Kanha.

  1. Go to Nagpur and from there to Kanha by cab. (Nagpur-Kanha 5hrs journey)
  2. Go to Jabalpur and from there catch a bus/railway to Kanha (Jabalpur-Kanha 2.5-3 hrs journey)

Best time to visit – 

The park opens from October to early June. But the best time I would suggest is April-May. More sightings possible.

What to see –

The park! Kanha is such a beautiful place, evergreen than Devanand, and full of Sal trees. If can spot different species of Deers, Barasingha, Monkeys, Jackal and Tigers. Bear, Leopard, Barking dogs etc are rare sightings.

There are immensely beautiful variety of birds too. So do not forget to pack your zoom lenses before you leave. If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with this place.

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