Working woman

I have always grown up amongst working women in the family. There is always a sense of independence and being well-informed about the outside world with these women. While growing up even I used to image myself to be like them. Now, when I look at it, I am getting a different vision about the whole thing.

Surprisingly, I never saw women in my family crib about their job, about the deadlines, or whatever. Why is the thing with me then? I get an urge of quitting a job and be at home doing nothing, but that in turn will make me crib even more. People like me are not used to be staying at home. And apart from that there is social pressure from friends and family too. I have heard people around me talking about someone like, “Oh! anyway she is at home all day, still she cannot manage this” and blah blah. What if I choose to be at home, such pressure from around me will depress me even more.

This blog is open for discussion. How many of you think this way? How many of you are going through this? Please feel free to write your comments.


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