Being Mommy!

Being a mommy is definitely a wonderful thing!

A newborn mommy discovers herself. She will take care of the baby like anything. Rather a woman does not know what super powers she has until she becomes a mother. I had read it somewhere, “Whats your superpower? I’m a mother.” And how true is that. Whether you are a working mom or not, juggling between things is not easy, especially when you have this cute little baby asking for your attention always.

Apart from that, I feel kids are a great learning source. Right from day one, they teach us so much. That is the reason we say, “My life has changed since I’ve become a mother”

  1. You learn to be patient.
  2. Food is no more food, its nutrition
  3. Cleanliness becomes top priority
  4. Instead of latest pop songs, you start humming nursery rhymes throughout the day. Buts that’s cute!
  5. Communication at home changes, rather increases
  6. You discover your creative self


This list will go on. Focus on these happy-happy points always. Of course there are other things like never ending concerns about your baby, no me-time, weight issues etc. but if keep on looking at the bright side, all these things would matter less. Being a superwoman, being a mommy is not that easy right?

After all it’s life as we say so..


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