Yo Woman

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”– Margaret Thatcher


 Recently I came across some really good posts, news and things shared by a friend related to a feel-good-woman factor. People talk about modern day woman, but what really matters is what you yourself think about it. For me a modern day woman is just as same as the traditional woman couple of decades back. Gender biases are going to be there till the end of the world, but what matters is how we take them.

My grandmother was a working woman too. But she is full of family, culture and traditional thinking. Looking at her I always think, if I were her I would have spent half of my life cribbing about things happening around me. She too had full time job, tiffs with her mother-in-law, had 3 children. She too cooked amazing dishes, did household chores but I never saw her complaint about it.

So things never really change. It’s that glitch between our dreams that clash with reality.

There is no point in expecting a cup of tea made by someone else in the morning. Just make it for yourself and you are done.

If you don’t get to read the newspaper in the morning because you have to do breakfast or prepare for lunch, just forget it. Try reading e-paper or some social media for that instance which will keep you updated.

It’s OK if it’s hard for you to gel with some relatives, just smile and forget. Nothing works better than ignorance.

Sweet words are killing. Be extreme sweet to your that particular colleague who always locks horns with you. Nothing can be that confusing for him.

Everyone talks about man-woman-equality, but the thing is so deep inside our system that things are not really going to change for another few centuries. So woman, why crib about everything? Your positivity will only help you to make you stronger.

We all are power packed women after all!


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