Morachi Chincholi

If you are bored with day-to-day routine and want a change, and you are not even ready to spare your weekend travelling, then “Morachi Chincholi” is the place for you!

It is a small village around 45km from Pune with about 3000 peacocks.  Just a half day trip and you are close to nature dancing with the peacocks. They come so close to you that if you are lucky you might be able to feed them!

Also if have some more time to spare, 40km from Morachi Chincholi, there is a place called “Nighoj”. There you’ll find huge natural potholes. It’s a natural phenomenon which you cannot miss. On the way you’ll find loads of farms and 3-4 centuries old temples.

Here is a quick information:

Place: Morachi Chincholi & Nighoj

Distance from Pune: 45km for peacocks and 90km for Nighoj

How to go: By road.

Where to stay: There are lots of local people there who provide food and guidance for peacocks and any related information. You just need to book the place first.

It was beautiful to watch this national bird of India from such a short distance.


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