The big ‘0’

Yes. I am not talking about the big “O” but about the big “0”. “Zero” as we see as a worthless or extremely important number.
I am not boasting about my strong Indian roots saying that we are the ones who have given “0” to the world. But I just had a thought what this “0” could possibly mean.

Origin: The “0” is the origin for me. It is the source of universe. Close the eyes and do not think about anything for a while. All I can see is a big dark circle.

Universe: Zero is the orbit. I am not astro-scientist or something. I have little knowledge about space, but for me planets have their own orbits which are round. We all sitting on the earth, revolve and rotate in circular path. That is zero.
Even the sun and moon are 0.

Fortune: A zero can change your life. If not preceded by any number, you are bankrupt. Add multiple zeros and you are rich enough to have fun.

Technology: Zero is 1’s spouse in binary digits. Without zero, computers and electronics are just like the “about:blank” page displayed in browsers.

Power: Zero is the circular pathway for bullet in the gun. This 0 can throw death at you with immense speed. Zero might be the origin but this zero will kill you.

Sport: This zero is a sport in form of balls. From soccer, cricket, tennis to whatever, this zero is in the form of ball allowing you to kick itself. OMG! So humble and modest. Even there is a zero in the word “G0al” or “Sc0re”.

Stop: Not the bus stop, but a full stop. This zero will end your statement in form of a dot. Yes, this dot is 0 in shape.

Selection: It may be the beauty of language, but we often say, “I zeroed on this”. Yes you zeroed on this blog to read. (Okay, not that much). This zero is the lens in camera. Easy for focusing. This zero will help you select things.

Look for things around you and you will notice what “0” means to us. How important it is to us. 0 is start and 0 is end. Watch the world with those two black 0’s within your eyes.


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