Cat is in the kitchen

Yes. It all starts with Kitchen.

This post is dedicated to that most complicated relationship of mother-in-law daughter-in-law thing. Well of course from a daughter-in-law’s point of view as you may want to conclude in the end. But with all due respect.

Dear Mom-in-laws,

We do understand it might have been a difficult task for you too after your son’s wedding. Adjusting with a random lady who has suddenly started living with “your” family, is definitely NOT an easy task. Yes, it was always your family. You bought your son to this world and made him to be such a wonderful human being that we could not help but fall in love with him. And believe us, we are and will be grateful to you for this. And now suddenly watching your son come home and giving that first happy look to this new random lady in your house definitely might have been difficult.

But then day after day, when this random lady in your house, starts to get along with everyone, learns to cook for everyone and even starts calling you mother, she is no more that random lady in your house. Calling you “mom” was not an easy task for us to be honest. But that made us your daughter(in-law of course). And may be you might have gone through this when you got married.

We understand that it is not easy to share kitchen with us. We might have felt the same way if we were at your place. But just like your son, most of our growing years were spent studying and then working in some office. It is not necessary that each one of  us has a hobby called cooking. Rather most of us do not even like that. And we do accept that you are a great cook. May it be family or relatives, everyone loves your cooked delicacies. And we too want to step into your shoes, but just give us a time! You have achieved the master-chef title after decades after your marriage, we are here for just 1-2 years. We would really really appreciate if you encourage us instead of strictly criticizing what we have cooked. Let us allow to work freely in the kitchen, please don’t keep an eye like a detective.

You have a daughter who is way beautiful than us. Who is smart and always cheerful. We, daughter-in-laws may be exactly opposite. Most of us may have laid back attitude, may not be that pretty looking like your daughter, nor are we great cook. But still, we are trying our best. Please do not compare us with others. Every person is different and come on you know that, don’t you? Gossiping about us may bring smile to your face, but that does not go well with us.

In this age of super fast life, most of us are working, doing some jobs or handling our own offices. When we come home, we too can be tired, we too need some rest. If your son helps us in the chores, it does not mean WE are making him do so. It is really OK for a man to help his wife, just as the way your husband, our father-in-law does help you. Small things bring joy to everyone. And so is the relation of husband-wife. You know that, you have felt that, after so many years of your marriage you too can agree upon it. We are definitely not taking away son from you. Because without you, he will not be happy. And I suppose yours and ours have the same purpose to keep him happy.

Set us open, we will fall, we will learn. We do not hate you. Just have a little bit of faith in us. Instead of making this mother-in-law daughter-in-law relationship, let us just drop that “in-law” factor.


With love,



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