Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India is supposedly the best managed national park of India. It’s a total retreat for wildlife lovers.  Also the biggest reserve for “Tigers” in India. I would not forget to mention that people here are really sweet and very proud of the place “Kanha”.

So my travel blog about it goes like this.

How to go –

Since I was travelling from Maharashtra, I happened to find out 2 routes to go to Kanha.

  1. Go to Nagpur and from there to Kanha by cab. (Nagpur-Kanha 5hrs journey)
  2. Go to Jabalpur and from there catch a bus/railway to Kanha (Jabalpur-Kanha 2.5-3 hrs journey)

Best time to visit – 

The park opens from October to early June. But the best time I would suggest is April-May. More sightings possible.

What to see –

The park! Kanha is such a beautiful place, evergreen than Devanand, and full of Sal trees. If can spot different species of Deers, Barasingha, Monkeys, Jackal and Tigers. Bear, Leopard, Barking dogs etc are rare sightings.

There are immensely beautiful variety of birds too. So do not forget to pack your zoom lenses before you leave. If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with this place.

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