Gujarat – the state of kites


I happened to visit Gujarat during Sankranti festival. “Uttarayan” as they call it there. So here is my short blog for travellers who would like to explore Gujarat.
I’ll keep the information short and simple. So here it goes –

How to go-

The cities are well connected with road, rail and air. Roads are very good(no potholes) and wide.

Best time to visit –

Well you can visit Gujarat anytime, but I would suggest from mid december to march would be the best as they host the “Rann Utsav” at The Great Rann of Kutch.
Places I visited –

  • Baroda
  • Ahemadabad
  • Kutch

What to see –

  • Baroda/Vadodara – I didn’t explore much of this city but here are few places.
    • Laxmi Vilas Palace – This is the MUST visit thing in Baroda. Entry fee is Rs.150/- which includes an audio guide. So just plug into your ears and see the palace. Most interesting thing is that this is the largest private residence in India built for only 2 people! If you are an art lover you will start crying in awe for its beauty.
    • Kamathi Baugh – You can skip this place because there is nothing unique as such. There is one museum and a small zoo type thing inside this park.
  • Kutch –
    • The great Rann of Kutch – If you love clicking photographs, then this place is a treat for you. Full moon makes the white rann turn into blue! The Rann Utsav, a tent city by Gujarat Tourism is the best part of it. This is the AMAZING city. And as they say here, “Kutch nahi dekha to kutch nahi dekha” (If you haven’t seen Kutch, you have seen nothing).
  • Ahemadabad – The city is closed during Sankranti! Yes. Closed. If you are visiting Ahemedabad during Sankranti, then all you have to do is just look in the sky all day, all night. It’s full of kites.
    • Kite festival – They have international kite festival during this period. Very interesting thing to watch.
    • Sabarmati Ashram – The ashram of Mahatma Gandhi. You follow Gandhiji’s ideologies or you do not follow, this place automatically makes you feel peaceful. Very calm and clean and peaceful place. MUST visit.

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