Bhigwan – Birdlife

What is so interesting about Bhigwan? Not many people would have even heard the name of this place. And that’s true. Bhigwan is nothing but a small village/town in Maharashtra, India. Having passed by this place hundreds of time I never new it was filled with such a beauty!

Bhigwan is based on the backwaters of Ujni dam, built on Bhima river. So whats a big deal about it, right? But those backwaters are a temperory home hundreds of migratory birds. As if those birds come to vacation over here all the way from Siberia!

Flamingos, Sea gull, Ibis, Stroke, Heron to name a few. Total treat for photographers. Have a look at few photographs that we managed to click.


Here is a quick guide to travel-

How to go?

  • Road is the best option

Best time to visit?

  • November to March would be the best season to visit. Birds start migrating here during Indian winter season.

Where exactly?

  • Just a 2 hrs journey from Pune City. Catch the route to Solapur from Pune



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