Power Share

“Share your knowledge.
It’s a way to achieve immortality”.

-Dalai Lama

Isn’t that true? And rather isn’t that important? Sharing joys and sorrows is what we have been doing for ages, but have we ever thought how much knowledge we share with others?

The more you share the more you learn. It’s like teaching, as they say, “when you teach someone, you are learning it the second time”. We go out, learn new things, travel around the globe, eat different food, learn new technology and do what not. But keeping those things to ourselves is like limiting oneself. It’s simple as that, Share and Learn.

Let the world know about it. Be it sharing feelings with your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or parents, whoever it may be. Let people around you know how you love them. Say it out. No one will otherwise understand it. Share your knowledge with junior colleagues. Don’t make them sit and wonder, show them the path. Travel to places and talk to people. Tell them about your city and get a taste of their culture.

And it’s not difficult. Haven’t we shared our lunch with our best friend in high school! And even those little secrets with friends or a room with little sister! We already know that, don’t we?

The more we share things, the more we come closer to self. We learn to understand others. We learn to accept others and their way of thinking. We learn to respect others. That’s why I call it, it’s a “Power Share“.



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