The Wander-full

Travel is THE one thing that I love to do! And not just travel, but explore. Recently I happened to read a quote somewhere. It said, “Be a traveller, not a tourist”. And how true is that! That is what exactly I want to do. Travel to places to get to know about its culture, food, language and people.

Here are the top five places that I want to visit before I die.

  1. Manasarovar Lake – for its holiness and purity and beautiful nature
  2. Egypt – I want that selfie with Sphinx. Yes.
  3. Greece – For those white houses around the beach
  4. Japan – For Mt. Fuji, for its language, people and have all that Sushi
  5. Kenya – For the African Safari

Promt from The Daily Post


3 thoughts on “The Wander-full

  1. wanderlost231 says:

    Love that quote! It is so so true. I think when we choose to be a traveller, opposed to being a tourist, we open ourselves more to actually learning and being open to be changed by the new place we are in, opposed to just touring there and comparing how different it is from what we are used too. Good stuff.

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