Ask a vagabond the meaning of a “home”. Ask a person who sleeps on a street. Or even ask a homesick person.

“what is home?”

What does one expect when they come home after a tiring day, mentally exhausted with hungry stomach? Do you prefer some nice decorated vase with fresh flowers in the living room or someone with a warm smile welcoming you? 

It’s always “people” who make a home. A home with is filled with love, warmth and that home-coming-feeling. You don’t even expect that someone will make you a coffee but just someone who will ask you about your day. Someone who will just sit beside you and help you relax. Home is made with those people, who understand you. 

Home is where you wake up with a smile and get ready for the day, accepting new challenges everyday. It’s the place where everyone around respects each others interests. It’s the place where you get your first friends in form of siblings, where even your first step as a child is celebrated. 

It’s not just a place to stay, but a place to live. To live with people who always stand by your side, encourage you and listen to you. It’s always people who transform house into a home. People who make you believe that you too are important and where you constantly have that sense of belonging.

Home is where “You” are with mind and soul.


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