Are we lazy Indians?

Recently I happened to read a blog of one of my classmate who has been living in USA for like a decade now. What made me think was his statement of how there are maid’s in India to help us do our daily chorus. From washing clothes, cleaning floors to cooking. In western and European countries, people do household work by themselves.
I thought about his blog for a while and came to these conclusions. Why is that we have maids and helpers in Indian houses? It’s not like we’ve become lazy. Definitely not.
There is a huge cultural difference too. I mean HUGE.

Three points in short-

  1. Lots of labour available, you see a densely populated country we are
  2. Average man here does not do household chorus. Not to offend anyone, but yes “average man” is like a sleeping python when at home.
  3. Windy weather and lots of dust everyday.

Here is the elaboration.

See things are looked from different point of view in India. Taking good care of a house is altogether a tedious task no matter in what hemisphere you live. We, over here have different weather conditions. There is so much of dust everyday and in all seasons that if you forget to close the window before leaving, you have to clean inches of dust the other day. Clothes too are covered with dust unless you travel in a car and work in an air-conditioned office the whole day. In countries which have snowfall, the dust gets washed away with snow. For persons doing job, in a typical “male” centered family, it’s really difficult to manage everything like job and cleaning the house everyday.

I said “male centered” here, because we have a serious male dominated society in India. I am not being feminist, but come on, how many men cook everyday at home? How many men prepare a meal for their entire family? Forget cooking, how many actually help their wives in household chorus? Does this even make 1% of total population? I doubt. Because in India, it’s only expected from a girl to cook, to keep the house clean, to make clothes everyday and in modern Indian society, work. It’s really not manageable to do all this everything everyday.

So in such culture and such climatic conditions, if we take help from maids, does that mean that we have become lazy?!


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