Man with a rug sack

It was a nice sunny day, kind of a day when you are in a great mood for no reason. I had a reason though.
I had done loads of shopping, shop-till-you-drop types. And I was too excited to flaunt my new clothes and accessories. Suddenly a teenager boy, weary looking passed by me. He was accompanied by his father. Looking at what he was carrying, a huge rug sack on his back, and a pale face with a grown beard with few gray hair. His hair had become untidy with sweat and dust due to day long wandering. His face was pale but there was some kind of a gleam in his eyes. With his worn out clothes and half torn slipper one would hardly bother to notice him. But what got my attention was the father-son conversation.

I could understand that the boy was studying in 10th standard. And he was discussing about his recently held examination in the school. It was some sort of the test it seemed. He said to his father, “Father, I stood the topmost in the entire class. And everyone were praising me.” Listening to his words his father with a gleam in his eyes said, “You will be the topmost in the world one day son. Remember, you are not in this world to tolerate non-sense. You will not be a person like me who collects garbage, its written son, I know that and I believe that.” His words were so sharp that it could almost cut the winds down. There was some undefined force, some strength, some kind of tremendous confidence in his words that took my attention.

I smiled at him, rather it was kind of a salute I wanted to give. Secretly in my mind I wished his son my best wishes. It all happened in fraction of a second. And the world turned round. I was thinking about my childhood, when my parents used to pamper me when I was a teenager. The shopping bags in my fell down as I was thinking about the incident. He was a man with rug sack but with tremendous confidence, will power and bigger dreams. On the other and I felt myself to be a tiny thing who was happy with the new dress and dangling earrings to wear.

It might be a small thing but the incident made a greater impact on me. It was like no matter what your financial condition is, only that person is rich who has super confidence in himself. Confidence to change the world, to change the fate. Life may have been bad to you, but what matters is our belief in self.



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