World of bubble

Stepping into the new family for a girl after marriage is what we call as the typical Indian Culture. Well on a single day people start calling her a “Woman”. And that is what exactly happened with me too. And I had objection from being called a woman rather than a girl. It made me feel like I am someone who is 40 yr. old, goes grocery shopping every day, wears sari and bangles and neatly tied and braided hair. I really don’t know why, even my mother is not the typical types or so, but it always makes an impression in my mind being called a woman.


Anyways, I knew my husband, around 3-4 yrs. before we got married. But life after marriage is really opposite. You cannot fart freely in front of your husband even if you’ve known him for ages! There lies the fine line. Sitting on a breakfast table, reading newspaper without fail and passing some secret messages often with my husband. And of course without letting anyone know about it. But I always fear, my mother-in-law somehow knows about all this. There are hundreds of habits of your spouse you can never know before marriage. Good or bad, similar or opposite, whatever they are. Before you meet for like 2 hrs. in a day, but now it’s almost 24 hrs. with each other and the new family. And yes you have to add “Mrs.” before your name! Guys remain the “Mr.” but a girl has to change everything. House, girl to woman, Miss to Mrs. and so on. Of course you have to be the decent types too. When I often passed comments on people, and answered them pretty smartly to tease, when it came to me, when my new family members kind of pulled my leg, I had to show my shyness. I would rather say a dramatic shyness.

My fear of being called a married woman grasped me so much, that I it took me almost 2 months after marriage to accept the surprise and shock that I’m married. Come on girls do enjoy being given attention, but people do not give second looks to married girls/women that often right. Now I don’t get the chance to make my husband insecure by saying, “hey that guy over there is smart, and he is staring you know”. It’s part of a relationship to keep the spark right.

We both still do not realize sometimes that we’ll be considered one. We accidentally even share the bill like before and then kind of remind each other that we don’t need to.


The new family is ditto my (original) family, but it’s the “new” family after all. You have to adjust and fit in there (like the tight fitting jeans, when you can hardly bend your knee). No matter how cool you try to be, there is some or the other awkward moment. But life is still awesome. When you are newly married, everyone takes care of you so much! It is fun. The transition from a girl to a woman is somewhat being accepted by me happily.


Cheers to the world of bubbles.



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